Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Due to corona (covid-19) virüs outbreak, Turkish government has some measures to travel to and events in Turkey. In this context, all amateur sports events for public participation is held untill end of April, 2020.*  We respect this action and take it in favour for all our participants, staff, volunteers, local and national public, and postpone our event to a future date in the year.


Iznik Ultra organisation has always put to create the best running experience, share and develope together with all distances of trail running. We are aware this is appreciated but many trail runners, who register the event. These runners put in lots of hard work, dedication and all means of sacrifice – we find all precious. We also recognise  that postponing the date does not only disappoint the organiser but many participants.


All trail runners know our sport has the element of unpredictable. Some days you are pulled down, you face many obstacles. It is not always obvious in those situations, but they are days most lessons learned. Today, not only in Turkey but all over the World, both the runners and organisers we are all in hard days to carry on and develop our sport.


We belive we will overcome.

As our respect to all the training our runners, we are working on the new dates and that will be announced asap. No new registrations will be taken untill new dates are confimed. 

Please check this space for future updates.

Stay safe, keep training,

Iznik Ultra Marathon

*According to paper publish by Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports, dated 13.03.2020  with serial 6475203-010.99-E405983.