Iznik Ultra: see you in 2021

Iznik Ultra: see you in 2021

Iznik Ultra: see you in 2021

IZNIK ULTRA 2020 Announcement

After carefully examining the situation and consequences, we regret to announce that due to COVID -19 pandemic the 2020 edition of IZNIK ULTRA will not take place on August 14-16th.

2020 Iznik Ultra will be a virtual race.

To postpone Iznik Ultra to 2021 wasn’t an easy decision. Current stats are more concerning than 2 months ago. Although we are certain the running community will be at most alert and careful about applying the new rules, yet no one can assure they will be 100% applied and be safe. Hundreds of people coming from anywhere across the country to gather around Iznik Lake is a big responsibility that needed one more review of our keen decision to go ahead in August. First we need to remember what an Iznik Ultra race means to all of us, what we stand for. 

They are; respecting the environment, standing next to each other, solidarity, friendship, the health and safety of all participants.

Eventually we decided it is best to postpone the 9th edition of Iznik Ultra  to 2021.

Please save the date.

2021 Iznik Ultra will happen from 9 to 11th of April.

Registrations will open in October.

For those who have registered to August 2020 race earlier;

a.            Can move their registration to 2021, at free of charge.

b.            Ask for a money refund. ( Registered if before June 10th -%40 refund as per policy, if after June 10th -%100 full refund will be made.)

Also please note. Iznik Ultra 2020 will be a virtual trail experience race held between 14-17th of August. It will be free of charge to join and participate. Follow instructions from here.