İznik Ultra 2020 - New Dates

İznik Ultra 2020 - New Dates

İznik Ultra 2020 - New Dates

İznik Ultra 2020 - New Dates

As a result of the measures taken in our country for the corona (Covid-19) pandemic, Iznik Ultra Marathon was postponed to a later date on March 13, since it could not be held in April.
The new dates for Iznik Ultra Marathon 2020 are 14-15-16 August 2020.

As Macera Akademisi organization team, our priority is, as always, to provide the best possible running experience by observing the health and safety of runners, organisers, volunteer teams and other stakeholders. To keep Covidien-19 risk at a minimum, Turkey Athletics Federation, the ITRA network and another trail race organisers in Turkey have developed a new plan, which is focusing on two issues: to minimise crowding and contact with objects.

The inability to experience the unique excitement of running in the paths around Iznik Lake in mid-April created a bittersweet feeling for us this year. While going through extraordinary times, we tried to think outside the box. We are also aware of the possibility that international travel restrictions may continue for a while. All over the World, the autumn season is fully scheduled with many postponed races. For the unique experience of Iznik Ultra, we decided on the new date by making special changes in the race schedules for 2020.

Main notes for the 14-16 August 2020 program:
* 160K start place is the same, start time 18:00
* 90K: two new route alternatives in similar distance and climbing still been considered. It will be finalized in mid-July.(during lockdown we had no chance to travel İznik)
a) Start at Iznik together with 160K on Friday night.
Route: The main track between Iznik and Sölöz. Finish Sölöz.
b) Start at Iznik, Saturday morning / noon.
Route: It connects to the main track near Narlıca / Müşküle from the south of the lake. Finish Iznik.
* 55K start place is same, time 14:30
* 35K start place is the same, time 17:00
* 20K start place is the same, time 18: 30

We believe that this program will be suitable for more runners' schedule, travel and accommodation plan, as well as providing an unforgettable running experience in the night. Everyone will run through the darkness and meet in a brightly lit finish line in Iznik.

We are also aware that the new schedule might not be suitable for all our runners. The rights of the participants are as follows:
a) To participate in 2020, August 14-15-16 the same or different race distance,
b) To transfer his/her registration 2021 race (free of charge),
c) To transfer his/her registration to the Virtual Iznik Ultra *, so run where ever you are, receive the kit and tile medal (if distance&climb accomplished) and support the organisation,
d) To Refund, All runners who purchase cancellation option during registration will be refunded 90% of their registration fees upon request**
e) To Refund, Those who do not have the cancellation option and who have registered in the last 14 days (between 29 February and 13 March) before the decision to postpone the race will be refunded 95% of the race registration fees **
f) To Refund, 40% of registration fees are refunded to our competitors who do not find the 5 options above, if requested. **

Competitors must report their choices on the survey sent to their registered e-mails until June 19, 2020. The registration of non-responders will be moved to the new 2020 date.

*Virtual Iznik Ultra - SIU
Runners who can run in the week of Iznik Ultra but cannot travel to Iznik for various reasons can experience excitement and support the organization with participation in Virtual Iznik Ultra races. Virtual Iznik Ultra is a digital ultra marathon. There will be digital kit distribution, race briefing, and even your own pasta eating party online. The racing director is the same man, so there are no medals for those who do not follow the rules.
The virtual race has same price as the normal. The race package (chest number and tshirt) and special tile memory medals ( for those completing the given challenge ), the delivery by Cargo (domestic) is included in the fee.

Virtual 160K: Min 166km distance and 4930m climb in 6 consecutive events in 4 consecutive days .
Virtual 90K: At least 90km distance and 2800m climb in 3 consecutive activities in 2 consecutive days .
Virtual 55K: At least 55km distance and 1950m climb in 2 consecutive events at the same day .
Virtual 35K: minimum 35km distance and 1100m climb in 2 consecutive events at the same day .
Virtual 20K: at least 21.1 km distance and 300m climb in one event .
Virtual 5K: at least 5 km distance in one event

To validate results: .
The runs must be made between 14-17 August. .
Results must be on 18-19 of August (method to be announced) .
Events should be recorded as public events on the following platforms: Polar, Strava, Suunto, Garmi n(no other platforms are accepted). .
Events must be running events and must be recorded while running. .
Running should be done by taking individual precautions for Covid-19 and by complying with legal restrictions in the location.

** Refunds: .
For competitors who prefer a refund; .
The fees are returned from the payment method they used during registration, and the refund process is completed within 90 days. .
Possible to transfer fee to the Charities: TOHUM Autism Foundation or Iznik Schools “School parent association” account, the transfer process is completed within 90 days.
For those who want, they can get gift vouchers for purchasing racing clothes or accessories from Shop MCR Racesetter.