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19-21 April 2019

Social Responsiblity

Iznik Ultra from children's viewpoint

It was held a picture contest among the students of Selçuk Primary School which is in charge in 2014 İznik Ultra. Final pictures are exposed below. By the help of the online voting, the student whose picture gets the highest vote, won a pair of ASICS shoes.

Arzu Nur Yılmaz - 5B Arzu Nur Yılmaz - 5B 403 Oy
Zeliha Yeşil - 7C Zeliha Yeşil - 7C 154 Oy
Merve Çelik - 8B RENKLİ Merve Çelik - 8B RENKLİ 36 Oy
Medine Acar - 7C Medine Acar - 7C 16 Oy
Duygu Alp - 6A Duygu Alp - 6A 12 Oy
Merve Çelik - 8B Merve Çelik - 8B 11 Oy
Süleyman Han Güvercin - 8B Süleyman Han Güvercin - 8B 3 Oy
Betül Perçin - 8B Betül Perçin - 8B 0 Oy
Murat S.Temel - 8C Murat S.Temel - 8C 0 Oy
Rana Köse - 8B Rana Köse - 8B 0 Oy
Rümeysa Yılmaz - 6B Rümeysa Yılmaz - 6B 0 Oy
Selin Dilara Aktaş - 6A Selin Dilara Aktaş - 6A 0 Oy
Selin Tokdil - 8B Selin Tokdil - 8B 0 Oy
Seray Sena Bayram - 8C Seray Sena Bayram - 8C 0 Oy
Seray Sevim - 8D Seray Sevim - 8D 0 Oy
Ahmet Can Öner - 4A Ahmet Can Öner - 4A
Anıl Emin Can - 8D Anıl Emin Can - 8D
Berna Köse - 3B Berna Köse - 3B
Betül Demir - 8B Betül Demir - 8B
Bilal Yılmaz - 4B Bilal Yılmaz - 4B
Cengizhan Tosun - 7B Cengizhan Tosun - 7B
Çağrı Mançolar - 4B Çağrı Mançolar - 4B
Göktuğ Akar - 4B Göktuğ Akar - 4B
Hülya Nükte Özgür - 4B Hülya Nükte Özgür - 4B
İbrahim Demir - 4B İbrahim Demir - 4B
İbrahim Demir - 4B İbrahim Demir - 4B
İrem Bülbül İrem Bülbül
İrem Kardelen Apaydın - 8C İrem Kardelen Apaydın - 8C
Mehmet Akif Atasever - 1C Mehmet Akif Atasever - 1C
Melike Tosun - 4B Melike Tosun - 4B
Muhammet Kayacan - 4B Muhammet Kayacan - 4B
GMustafa Mert Orhan - 8D Mustafa Mert Orhan - 8D
Mustafa NalbantB Mustafa Nalbant
Nisa Nur Yalçın Nisa Nur Yalçın
Sedanur Büker - 8C Sedanur Büker - 8C
Sedef Alyağız - 6B Sedef Alyağız - 6B
Selin Pala - 8D Selin Pala - 8D
Sıla Köse Sıla Köse
Sıla Naz Bozkurt - 3B Sıla Naz Bozkurt - 3B
Yaren Bektaş - 8B Yaren Bektaş - 8B
Zeki M Zeki M
Zeynep Kumcu - 4B Zeynep Kumcu - 4B


Medine Acar - 7C Medine Acar - 7C
Necmi Güner - 6A Necmi Güner - 6A
Rana Köse - 8B Rana Köse - 8B
Rümeysa Atasever - 7A Rümeysa Atasever - 7A
Saadet Kotan - 7B Saadet Kotan - 7B


Iznik Ultra Marathon cooperated with Selcuk Primary School of Iznik for the sake of social benefits in town in 2014,too. Click for the receipt.

4190TL was collected from İznik Ultra registratons in 2014. Also Zuhal Music was one of the sponsors of İznik Ultra to repair instruments of School's music band. We thank the Zuhal Music. For details click here.


Click for the donation report of 2013 . Iznik Ultra Marathon is cooperating with Selcuk Primary School of Iznik for the sake of social benefits in town.

Students, teachers and parents will act in "volunteer for the society" tasks before/during/after the event. Participants (runners and accompanies) are expected to donate to the official parent-teacher association (pta) bank account or even better, rise money for this purpose.

Account Details:
Ziraat Bankasi Iznik Branch
Account Holder : Iznik Selcuk Ilkogretim Okulu Okul Aile Birligi
IBAN NO : TR42 0001 0002 6914 0007 7350 01
Bank Swift Code:

Please make your donaters bank transfer with following explaination, so we can track and report the funds to you:
Explaination: IUM /Runner Name /Donater Name Surname Sample:
If John Doe donates for Julia Greenfoot

Please Note:
MCR Racesetter does not receive any funds from people or organizations other than its official sponsors whether in cash or via wire transfer. Please note that participants should direct donations only to NGO bank accounts and make sure the account number and the name of the NGO match. We accept no responsibility or legal liability for money directly collected from individuals or companies in MCR Racesetter's name.

What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer. Please click to volunteer!
Accredited Organizations
Iznik Ultra is organized by Macera Akademisi- MCR Racesetter.
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