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19-21 April 2019


Competitor must carry these equipments all the time.

Necessary Equipments
Equipment / Course 160K 90K 55K 35K 20K
Mobile Phone (fully charged) x x x x x
ID x x x x x
Cup (Min. 15cl) x x x x
Water Bottle (min 1,2lt) x x x x
Water Bottle (min 500ml) x
Light and extra battery x x x x
Emergency Blanket (min 1,4mx2m) x x x x x
Whistle x x x x x
Elastic tape for bandage (min 100cmx6cm) x x x x x
Waterproof Jacket or raincover* x x x x
Cloths to keep you warm x x
Hat or bandanna x x x x x
Gloves x x
A backpack to carry eqipments x x x x x
Food (should be enough for 6 hours) x x
Hi-vis vest or belt (certificated by EN471 or 1150) x x x x
Drop-Bag (Max. 30 litres, not obligatory) x x x x x

* Organisation may cancel this rule before the race due to weather condition.

Derbent Equipment Check
After 20 April 18:00 every competitor must wear Hi-vis vest or belt and have their lights on before passing Derbent Control Point or they may be disqualified.

Supporting Crew and Equipment

• It is possible to have supporting crew and have them supply the racer in checkpoints allowed by the organization (food and beverages, clothing).
• Supporting crew can only supply the racer within 50 meters to the checkpoint.
• The crew can’t take racer’s obligatory equipment while supplying, in this case the racer gets disqualified.
• 1 hour time penalty will be given to any racer who gets supplies except the permitted areas.
• Dropbags can be filled and handed before start to be carried to Ornekköy 73,2K check-point(for İznik Ultra 160K participants). Dropbags should be sealed and weight should be within the limits of the material.
• In Iznik Ultra course, a pacer can accompany the racer after after Boyalıca (25k) checkpoint. The pacer will run with the racer, can’t carry his/her bag or any other equipment, can’t feed him/her.

Other Advised Equipments

• Waterproof running panth, GPS or GPS watch, penknife, money (30TL).
• Baton can be used. If participant carries baton, he has to carry them end of race. They can not leave at check points.

What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer. Please click to volunteer!
Accredited Organizations
Iznik Ultra is organized by Macera Akademisi- MCR Racesetter.
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