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19-21 April 2019


• The Iznik Ultra Marathon courses (excluding the Iznik 5K race) follow hilly routes well suited to trail running. Twenty percent of the course is on tarmac or stabilised roads, the remainder is on dirt road or trails. The course includes sustained steep ascents and descents, and parts of it may be uneven, slippery, rocky or wet. The course may be made more difficult by weather conditions.

• Participants can only obtain limited help, in line with the principle of semi-autonomy, and can receive supplies and help at certain locations. There are compulsory supplies, clothing, food and drinks that trailers must carry themselves.

• Part of the course may be on roads that are open to traffic. Participants are responsible for their own safety; complying with traffic regulations and awareness of vehicles on the road.

• İznik Ultra runners must put on their reflective gear once it gets dark.

• Race numbers should be visible at all times.

• The compulsory materials racers must carry on the İznik Ultra Marathon courses will be checked both before the race and on the course, and bags will be marked. Participants without all the necessary materials will not be allowed onto the course, those found not to have them during the race will be excluded from the course.

• Iznik Ultra Marthon is based on the values and idea of testing and expanding individual limits. For this reason any performance enchanging substance ( populary own as drugs or doping) is strictly prohobited. We believe drug usage has benefits for human body longer than the banned time. Any athlete previously banned of drugs (and ban period passed) can only participate in Iznik Ultra events, but can not compite. They need to declare this situation at registration. If nor declared and participated, the runner will be disqualified when organization is informed, if ranked with prizes, all will be taken back.

• Organization commitee has the right to reject and application or cancel any registration before or during the event, in cases of violation of trail ethics, race rules, being disrespectful to other participants, organization members, local inhabitants or valid laws or being notorious (with evidence) of behaving so in the past.


• Racers will be monitored using a chip timing system. Timings will be made using the chips on racers’ arms at the start, at checkpoints and at the finish. Losing the chip will result in disqualification.

• Racers who are deemed unfit to continue by judges or health personal will be stopped. This decision is final and incontestable.

• The compulsory materials racers must carry on the İznik Ultra Marathon courses will be checked both before the race and on the course, and bags will be marked. Racers without all the necessary materials will not be allowed onto the course; those found not to have them during the race will be excluded from the course.

• A variety of time penalties are applicable in the event of damage to the environment, or of contravention of supply rules or directions of race officials (see below).


• Littering is forbidden on the course. All waste must be disposed off at the designated bins at the checkpoints or finish.

• Spare batteries will be checked at the end of the race or sooner; used batteries must not be disposed of in the environment or in the bins.

• If racers answer the call of nature outside the designated toilet stops they must be sure not to leave behind any toilet paper. Paper can be carried to the next rubbish point using the bags provided by the event team.

• Water, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks will be distributed on the course in cups or bottles. Racers will drink these using the cups they carry with them. In this way waste will be kept to a minimum.

• Time penalties will be given for every incidence of littering or environmental damage.

• Race certificates will be distributed in digital format, not on paper.

Support team and materials

• Racers are allowed support teams. The support teams can provide support and supplies (food, drink, clothing, and so on) at the designated supply points (Narlıca, Sölöz, Ilıca/Kaplıca, Boyalıca).

• Support teams can offer provide supplies at a maximum of 50 metres’ distance from the checkpoints.

• During the supply process at no point can the racers handover their compulsory materials: this will result in disqualification.

• Receipt of support outside the designated areas will result in a 1-hour penalty.

• Dropbag: The event team will provide a 20-30 litre plastik bag. İznik Ultra racers can drop off this bag ahead of the race and have it transported to the 74km checkpoint in Örnekköy. The bag should not be completely sealed, nor should it be used to carry heavy items that may damage it. The bag should be marked with the racer’s number and name in the course colour. After the racers pass the checkpoint this bag will be transported to the finish route in İznik centre. The dropbags of racers unable to reach this point will be transferred to start point at the end of the control point’s time timit.

• Orhangazi Ultra & Iznik Mountain Marathon does not allow any dropbag, but a Finish Bag. Participants may handle this bag pre-start to organisation and this bag will be the finish of the relevant finish point. Finish bags must be closed properly and taged with bib number and name. If the runner drops the race before finish, he/she must travel on own to pickup the bag or should wait untill the shut down of the CP and transfer by the organisation.

•From the Narlıca (90km) checkpoint onwards, İznik Ultra 160K participants may be accompanied by a pacer. The pacer runs alongside the racer; they may not carry the runner’s bag or other materials, nor may they supply the runner with food or drink (no muling.) Pacer not allowed in other races (90K-55K-20K.)

İznik Ultra Marathon Rules and Additional Disclaimer

1- The İznik Ultra Marathon courses will start together at the announced time.

2- Race numbers must be visible at all times. On the course one race number must be worn visibly in front, one behind.

3- The race will follow a marked course. The course marked on race day may differ from that previously announced. Racers are responsible for passing the race judge checkpoints on the course in order and for proving the same. This condition is also true for the reading of the timing chip by judges at checkpoints.

4- The fastest runner on each course will win. Time calculated is net time (=Finish time – Chip Start time). Except, the men and women podium on each race/course will be determined as the first pasing the finish line. First 3 places (men and women) will be calculated with gun time as start time. The first three will receive a medal according to the age groups announced on the web site. Gift will be provided by our sponsors where possible.

5- Those who complete the course will receive a finishers medal for the course in question.

6- Iznik Ultra Marathon is a multi race event. Each event is considered as a seperate race. If a longer race is UN-FINISHED, it can not be transfered to any shorter distance and the runner is NOT considered as a finisher of any of the events. No finisher prize of shorter events can be handled.

7- In the event of the penalty and disqualification conditions listed below arising, racers will face the following penalties:

Taking a serious shortcut Penalty 1 hour
Not a serious shortcut but one away from any path or via a closed shortcut Penalty 15 minutes
Lacking obligatory safety equipment (no minimum water supply of 1 litre, no waterproof jacket with hood, no torch, no survival blanket, no mobile phone) Immediate disqualification
Lacking other obligatory equipment (running trousers or leggings, 1 single torch, cap or bandana, hat, warm long sleeved clothing whistle, adhesive elastic band, food reserves, cup/tumbler, water proof over-trousers, warm and waterproof gloves Penalty 1 hour
Refuses to have obligatory equipment checked out Disqualification
Throwing away rubbish (voluntary act) by a compatitor or a member of their team Penalty 1 hour
Not respecting people (organisation or runners) Penalty 1 hour
Not helping someone in difficulty Penalty 1 hour
Receiving help outside authorised zones Penalty 1 hour
Using pacer on route other than defined above for 130K race, muling or feeding by crew (except the tolerance zones clearly marked close to the refreshment posts) Penalty 1 Hour
Cheating (e.g.: using transport, sharing race number...) Immediate disqualification for life
Race number not visible Penalty 15 minutes
Not wearing the race number in the correct manner Penalty 15 minutes (during
which the runner adjust his
race number in the correct manner)
Recognised dangerous attitude (e.g.: sticks with unprotected point pointing at the runners or the specrators) Penalty 15 minutes
Lacking an electronic chip Depending on the Race Jury
Not passing through a control point Depending on the Race Jury
Refusal to comply with an order from race control, from a race official, from a head of post, from a doctor or form a rescue
Refusal to accept an anti-drug test The runner will be sanctioned as if found guilty of taking drugs
Departure from a control post after the hour limitation Disqualification
Pack not tagged 1 hour penalty
Use of sticks not carried with you at the beginning of the race 1 hour penalty

8- By signing the Acknowledgement of Risk Form racers agree to compete at their own risk.

9- Racers are free to use GPS wrist units and the data provided by the race organisers. Maps other than those printed by the event team may not be used. Listening music with headphones is allowed.

10- Racers are responsible throughout the event for compliance with general traffic, civil and safety regulations. Use of areas, routes and methods forbidden by the event team is forbidden. Any legal consequences for not complying with these rules are borne entirely by the racer; the vent team bears no responsibility.

11- Those abandoning the race for whatever reason MUST contact the event team and come to the finish. The race set must be returned. Those abandoning the course may not return to the course area, nor may they assist other racers.

12- During the race all topics not covered here are bound by Turkish Athletics Federation (TAF) regulations.

13- The runners accept in advance Macera Akademisi Ltd have the right to send email and sms for email updates, future events of their own and publish results and photos public on the web. Also, no personal data will be transferred to any other company.

14- All photos and other images taken during the race are the property of the event team, without exception.

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