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Next edition: 12-14 April 2019
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Göllüce Trail Run 30K

Göllüce Trail is a short trail run. Participants should carry some mandatory equipment.

Göllüce Trail Run ise a great 18 miler for those who seek a moderate trail as a step to run an ultra trail. Starting lake side, climbs up to the hills to offer a birds eye view of the Iznik Lake. Majority is dirt tracks, includes mandatory road crossings and some sections of single tracks-some rouged. Has only one check point at Derbent. Required good feeding plan and it is advised to develop a running strategy reserving quads for the long last descent.

Total course length approx. 30.49km, total descent 907mt, total height gain 923mt
Starts at İznik lake side, finishes at Iznik.
Course limit - 7.5 hours.
There will be free shuttles to Start point from Iznik.

Ara Kontrol Noktaları Tablosu

30K Ara Nokta Tablosu
No Adı Etap Km Top. Km Etap Tırm. Top Tırm. Etap İniş Top İniş Maks Süre Zaman Sınırı İkmal
Göllüce 0 0 00:10 12:10
KN1 Derbent 14,8 14,8 863 863 373 373 ikmal
KN2 İznik 14,6 29,7 127 1070 677 1050 07:30 19:30 yemek

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Accredited Organizations
Iznik Ultra is organized by Macera Akademisi- Race Setter.
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