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19-21 April 2019

Derbent Trail Run 20K

Derbent Trail is a short trail run. Participants should carry some mandatory equipment.

Derbent Trail is the last split of the Iznik Ultra Marathon. Starts from partly preserved Derbent Village, until "Kan Çiçekleri" (Blood Flowers) field, follows the village streets and some tarmac and dirt roads. At this point you will find yourself next to Kirec Hill, follows dirt roads, wide trails and some single track sections, mostly descending with some unexpected climbs. Bottom of the descent lays Dirazali Village. Last 4km section is tarmac and cobblestone pavement, touring histroric Iznik center before the finish line.

No aid or water stations on the course. There is one trail fountain after "Kan Çiçekleri" (Blood Flowers) field, some other fountains also in Dırazali Village. We advise foreigners to use portable filtration or better carry enough fluid and foods on course. It is also strongly advised to use poles for the fast-hikers.

Total course length approx. 20,8km, total descent 750mt, total height gain 275mt
Starts at Derbent, finishes at Iznik.
Course limit - 4 hours.
There will be free shuttles to Derbent from Iznik.

You can reach the course of the 2019 edition here.

20K Timetable
No Name Stage Km Tot. Km Stage Climb. Tot. Climb. Stage Decent Tot. Decent Max Time Cut-off Time Supply
Derbent 0 0 00:10 14:40
CP1 Çamdibi 16,3 16,3 269 269 706 706
CP2 İznik 4,5 20,8 6 275 44 750 04:00 18:30 Yemek

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Iznik Ultra is organized by Macera Akademisi- MCR Racesetter.
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