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17-18-19 April 2019


How can volunteers help?

-Prepare and distribute racers’ kits/documentation
-Set up and take down the race centre, records and information desk
-Provide translation support to racers with no Turkish
-Set up and take down control points
-Move supplies and set up water-food stations on the course
-At control points: keep records of racers passing, take photos and record film
-Supply information to spectators at control points and on the course
-Help put out course markers
-Patrol the course for stolen course markers and replace any found to be missing
-Take down the course markers after the race
-“Patrol” the course on a bike or in a vehicle for security and health checks
-Contact: Gather live info on the race or answering any questions
-Press/media guide
-Live social media coverage
-Distribution of medals
-Applause, encouragement and support for racers…
-Monitor the racers and gather first-hand information on how the ultramarathon is going
-Make coffee, and sleep or stay up while your other teammates are on duty
-Whatever happens, help the racers stay cheerful
-“Camp” in a vehicle on the course or by the desk at the race centre
-And staying positive about and taking responsibility for many more things not written here
Always needed:
-First-aiders, doctors, nurses and paramedics
-Those able to help out with a 4x4
-Those able to help out with an ATV or 4x4
-Those able to help out with a minivan/minibus
If you’re thinking “I could do that!” then please get in touch.


Our Goal is to put together an expert and passionate team and project management for many stages of the race by creating volunteer teams and team leaders. In this way event can be expanded sustainably.

The current size and priorities of the İznik Ultra mean that we need around 27 main teams. Since the race budget is not enough to fill all these positions using professionals and the sustainable race organization model worldwide is based on volunteers, at least 80 percent of these the leader positions within these teams need to be filled with volunteers from outside our own team.

Our goals;
-To carry out comprehensive preparations in relatively little time each week,
-To have the station and task teams look at their tasks and workflow, missing labour or materials, and test their division of labour among themselves in the weeks leading up to the event,
-To benefit from the maximum level of local support for the event through the station and task teams meeting with the local people,
-To keep everyone enthusiastic rather than allowing those working in the catering section to get worn out,
-To create an excellent event, from both participants and other people’s perspective, and to make it sustainable.

The list of team leaders is as follows:
Supply point coordinator and 12 supply point managers (12 in total)
İznik Ultra course coordinator
Orhangazi Ultra course coordinator
İznik Mountain Marathon course coordinator
İznik 10km course coordinator
Press officer
Health Services and Volunteers manager
Digital media manager
Awards ceremony, gifts and ceremony manager
Social responsibility manager
Course and course markıng
Registration manager
Local communications manager
Search and rescue manager
Visual recordings (photo, video) manager
Design, ideas and the “flowers and icing on the cake” manager…

In the light of the above goals and needs;
We pledge to the 2014 İznik Ultra team leaders:
-Their area of responsibility and title will be announced and recognised as an important part of the picture at the very least in a PDF format booklet and on the website
-While preparing for the role, transport and accommodation will be provided for at least one or two preparatory reconnaissance trips to İznik
-Free accommodation and, if needed, travel expenses will be provided during the İznik Ultra
-During the hours not covered by preparation for the role and working hours, free participation in the İznik Ultra course or the follow MCR Racesetter event in the same calendar year.
-Staff kit (most probably a rather more exclusive team leader kit): let’s say staff t-shirt and more and see what else we can do.
-Shared pride and honour in realising the İznik Ultra

Our expectations:
-Leadership in the chosen area of responsibility/team
-Revision, any necessary recording, analysis and planning of job description, goals, plans, requirements and resources required
-Establishing a team, including sufficient volunteers
-Motivating the team, identifying responsibilities and getting things done
-Carrying out preparation and research by e-mail and phone at the very least
-Drive and management during the İznik Ultra
-Evaluation and written documentation/reports following the İznik Ultra
-Taking Photos before, during and after the İznik Ultra
-Positive energy, a smiling face and passion
-Showing “character and spirit” in your area of responsibility (this could be something like a “spiderman” theme, the most smiling supply point could be nominated)
-Any form of innovation you want to add  

What we want from you:
Choose an area of responsibility,
Be a passionate member of our team …

APPLY: We’d like to hear from anyone interested until 31st of March please.

Information for volunteers:
-Accommodation will be provided for you either in tents or at the municipal guesthouse (4-9 person rooms). Camping equipment can be lent to those without it. Those who wish to can organise their own accommodation.
-Team provisions and meals will be provided
-Every volunteer will be given a Staff (“Görevli”) t-shirt
-Those able to come for at least three days (18-19-20 April) will have their transport paid for.
-Please ensure you bring appropriate clothing, spares, the recommended materials and a backpack

Compulsory materials for volunteers:
-Light backpack
-Warm and dry clothing: windproof jacket or anorak, fleece or jumper
-Hat or bandana
-Mobile phone
-Notebook and pen

Recommended materials:
-Torch or head torch (a head torch can be lent to those with no torch while they are on duty)
-Vehicle: those with an SUV or a car with good clearance have the chance for a lot of fun!
-Swimsuit (there’s a lake!)
-Towel (not provided by the guesthouse)

What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer. Please click to volunteer!
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