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19-21 April 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Entries

Participants has to have an account to apply for the courses. You can find steps to register is written below
1-New user account
Click the “User Login | Register” on the right-up of page and choose the "New user".
2-User activation
After you fill the form you will received an activation e-mail. By clicking on activation code you can active your account.
3-Sign in website
Click on the “User Login | Register”, write your user name and password.
(Email - e-mail, Sifre – Password, Giris yap – Sign in)
4-Register to Race
After you logged in you will see your name inside the black bar is the right up of the page. Click on it and choose "My Registrations". Courses will list at the left side of page. Choose the course you want to apply and your payment method then click on "OK". In this page you have to upload your health document.
When you apply and made your payment correctly, you will received an confirmation mail. Also your name will be listed at "Competitors Page" . If your name is not listed on "Competitors Page" although you did each step correctly, please connect with us.
Common mistake is to choose Nationality (Ulke) as “Turkiye” and imput passport ID. If Turkey is chosen, only TC ID can be entered.
And do not forget to put your real birthday so we can put your name to the correct age category.
Choose your t-shirt size correctly, your t-shirt will be given according to your apply form.

Click to check equipment list for Ultra Runners.

PS: There is no obligatory equipment list for 10K run.

1.  Do I have to run without a break at the race? Can I have rests?
C.  Courses have time limits to end. Participant can have rest during time limits. When participant stop, kronometer does not stop. But having rest or walking rests are normal for ultra distances also it is a part of race. Rest should be planned carefully

2.    If I walk at race do I disqualified?
C.  Walking is normal for ultra distances. If participant's time does not exceed time limit of course, he does not disquqlified. Most runners walk at uphill, have walking rest as he planned, eat or drink something instade of stopping.

3. Is there any toilet stations on courses? Is there any solution for women?
C.  Organization will not put any etra toilet station. Participant will use mosque's toilets, cafe's toilets or other place has toilet on course. Any paper should not leave at nature.

 4.   Are the road marked? Do I need any map or compasses?
C.  All the courses will be marked. This race is not an orienteering race. Participant does not need mao and compasses. Marks can be board, painted place, traffic lane. Reflectiv marks will used after 60K.

5.  What if I got lost?
C.  Turn back to last marked you see and check around carefully. Course will be marked every 30 to 200 metres and marks will always be same side of the trail. Average distance between two mark is 50 meters.

6.  Does the course get too dark at night? Is a simple headlamp enough? How can I see the marks at dark?
C. 99% of courses are light places. But participant have to carry a strong headlamp and backup battery. Also reflective marks will use.

7.   Does the cell phone work all the course?
C. Cell phone works big part of the courses. Best operatör is Turkcell for last 60K.

8.   Can I use baton?
C.  Yes you can. But if participant start with baton, he has to finish with baton. They can not be left at course.

9.  If I want to sleep, can I sleep?
C. It depens on your strategy, if you want to sleep be sure that you are in safer. Also do not forget when you are sleeping your time continues.

10. What kind of drink and food will give at nutrition points?
C. There are 3 different station. Water, Mini, supply. Detailes of check points are at course page. You can plan your race this check points.

What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer. Please click to volunteer!
Accredited Organizations
Iznik Ultra is organized by Macera Akademisi- MCR Racesetter.
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