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Next edition: 21-22 April 2018

Press Coverage

Ultrarunning Magazine (USA), 2 page race report and travel adventures, by Ian Corless on the September issue

UK, Running Fitness magazine, ULTRA RUNNING Turkey Style, English

UK, Compass Sport magazine, half page after-race report, English

France, u-run online magazine published Niandi Carmont's report and insights, French

UK, Ian Corless blog article and Iznik Ultra 2013 race package, English

France, Ahoto Marathons archived a detailed report and insights by Jean-Loup Fenaux bi-langually
English version is here;
French version is here;

UK, run247 online magazine published article by Ian Corless, English

Iznik Ultra Marathon after race comments and results broadcasted on world most downloaded ultra running podcast Talk Ultra. Episode 7.

Iznik Ultra Marathon announced on world most downloaded ultra running podcast Talk Ultra. Episode 5- part one

Iznik Ultra Marathon interview with race director Caner Odabasoglu on Ahotu Marathons.
Click for the English version.
Click for the French version.

Run 247 - Race report İznik ultra April 14&15, 2012

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